We want to be the best,
not the biggest

When you want to be the best, you cannot rest on your laurels. We are always looking for improvement by asking questions and sharing knowledge, both within Geerdink and with Compass and Enigma.

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We work to build sustainable solutions and sustainable relationships with our clients, employees and other stakeholders.

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and dedication

In keeping with our motto ‘standardise what we can, specify what we have to’, we have fully mapped out our work processes and standardised the general processes.

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Every day, we build and conducting maintenance under the extremely difficult conditions inherent to the industry. But taking subsidiary activities and processes, realistic safety risks and the client’s liability if something goes wrong into consideration has trained us to think ahead and anticipate, from the engineering phase to the finished project.

Geerdink’s ambition isn’t to be the biggest in the field, but rather to be the best. It has become our second nature to think in terms of multiple solutions and to challenge ourselves to improve on today’s successes by doing even better tomorrow.

Our record of service and our long history of working with a number of prominent clients proves that you can rely on us for all of your building needs.

We can only achieve our ambitions by investing in and focusing on Safety, Quality and Dedication. Everything we have achieved so far is due to our ability to think ahead based on these three core values. The benefit lies in the combination of these three vital motivating factors. We are fully aware that no single one is sufficient without the others.

Our approach is based on this vision, which supplements standard work methods with flexibility in execution and custom solutions for each client – with the goal of providing commitment, clarity and predictability. This approach, in the hands of our committed employees, offers clients quality that meets their requirements, and perhaps more importantly, satisfies our own standards.


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