We want to be the best,
not the biggest

When you want to be the best, you cannot rest on your laurels. We are always looking for improvement by asking questions and sharing knowledge, both within Geerdink and with Compass and Enigma.

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We work to build sustainable solutions and sustainable relationships with our clients, employees and other stakeholders.

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and dedication

In keeping with our motto ‘standardise what we can, specify what we have to’, we have fully mapped out our work processes and standardised the general processes.

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Geerdink at Vopak Vlaardingen

16 May 2014

Geerdink realized from August 2012 to April 2013 52 tank piled foundations in a concrete waterproof bund and pipework for the new 2000 Group Vopak Vlaardingen.

Geerdink spend over 47,000 hours and we nearly finished the main work of the 2000groep is ready. Now just some finishing work, such as coating and adhesives, and then to the next tank group: the expansion of 4000groep. This long-term partnership will benefit many aspects, think of safety, schedule and quality. Work on the 2000groep therefore succeeded on all fronts!

Take a look at the YouTube movie from Vopak about the 2000 group.